Posted on Aug 14 2019

Fall Front-yard Landscaping Ideas

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Need to enhance your curb appeal? Plant this fanciful fall garden bed for a welcoming front-yard.  Easy as 1-2-3!

overall of front yard

Start with your foundation bed — it’s perfect for adding a range of plants to beautify your front yard.  Choose plants needing bright sun and some needing partial shade. Japanese maple, summersweet, hydrangea, and hosta enjoy an afternoon reprieve from hot sunlight, while mums, asters, and sedum flourish in bright sun and add their bursting colors to the mix.

vignette of bed

Plant List:

  1. Purple aster (Aster novae-angliae), Zones 4–8
  2. Burgundy Japanese maple (Acer palmatum dissectum), Zones 5–8
  3. ‘Angelina’ sedum (Sedum rupestre), Zones 3–11
  4. Yellow mums (Chrysanthemum spp.), Zones 5–7 or annual
  5. Bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla), Zones 5–9
  6. Hosta (Hosta spp.), Zones 3–9
  7. Eulalia grass (Miscanthus sinensis), Zones 5–9
  8. Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia), Zones 3–9
  9. Dwarf fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides), Zones 5–9
  10. Burgundy coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides), annual
  11. Zebra grass (Miscanthus ‘Zebrinus’), Zones 5–9
Check your regional zoning to identify plants that work best in your area.

Japanese maple

Japanese Maple

The burgundy cutleaf foliage and cascading habit make this Japanese maple an instant focal point. Where winters are harsh, grow it in a container and shelter it in an attached garage or cool basement while it’s dormant. Keep roots slightly moist until returning the tree to the garden in spring.

yellow mums


Brightly colored mums are a staple in autumn gardens. Although hardy in some climates, they are often treated as annuals. Large potted specimens can be overwintered in the same way as Japanese maple, or the roots can be mulched heavily in fall and uncovered in spring.

zebra grass

Zebra Grass

With its ample size and unique foliage, zebra grass isn’t about to become lost among the colorful mums and asters. Allow it to remain in place for winter interest, then cut foliage at the base in early spring to make room for new growth.

ornamental kale

Ornamental Kale

Another autumn staple, ornamental kale looks great in a landscape or planter. Pair it with other cool-season plants such as pansies or gerbera daisies for a bright and cheerful effect that lasts well past the first frost.



With plenty of moisture, these commanding hostas do just fine among traditional sun-loving flowers such as mums and asters. Taller companion plants provide an extra bit of shade protection when the sun is shining.

Angelina sedum

‘Angelina’ Sedum

The chartreuse foliage of this popular sedum brightens the bed throughout the season. And this ground cover’s sprawling habit looks right at home spilling over the stone retaining wall.

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